Our Company

FairChoice Holdings is a joint venture company owned by private investors with experience in agribusiness, wholesaling, processing and marketing.  It is the holding company for FairChoice (Australia) Pty Ltd, AgChoice* (Australia) Pty Ltd and FairChoice Intellectual Property Pty Ltd.

FairChoice Consumer division will cut Australia's grocery expenditure by as much as $2500 per household per year by enabling consumers to buy groceries (and services) at prices that represent genuine competition between the major grocery chains and service providers. Before it can claim success, FairChoice will embark on a campaign to encourage major retailers to open their operations to genuine competition by giving FairChoice access to their barcode data. It's likely that FairChoice will call upon the support of the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission and or the Australian Government.   

For more information on the FairChoice Consumer platform click here.

Australian agriculture is a $47 billion industry with no centralised, online and end to end commodities trading hub to service it. AgChoice (Australia) Pty Ltd seeks to be the platform that plugs that gap in across the industry. It will ensure fair and equitable competition along the supply chain i.e. from farm gate to buyer, to processor and even wholesaler.

The platform has been hailed as a paradigm shift across agriculture in that it will harness technology to generate productivity gains worth hundreds of millions across various sectors. 

The AgChoice platform removes the concentration of power from any player at any position in the supply or value chains; it generates true market forces.  Weaker 'players' compete as equals with established, major players.  Farmers have an opportunity to negotiate higher prices, smaller buyers broaden their operations, and major players reduce overheads.

FairChoice Intellectual Pty Ltd is the repository for the intellectual property.  It is also the vehicle through which the Group invests in social responsibility and other non-core initiatives.